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Harmonic Breathing is a music project to help people relax by making breathing exercises easy and enjoyable. Based on the latest scientific research, the music guides listeners to breathe at the perfect rate for relaxation with rising and falling notes. The experience is enhanced with binaural beats, infrasonic bass and relaxing nature sounds.


Dr Sonia Madrid Cuevas BSc MSc PhD

Clinical Psychology Advisor and Writer

Sonia has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Edinburgh University and an MSc in Developmental Psychology from University College London, as well as years of experience working for the National Health Services (NHS) in Mexico and UK with adults and adolescents.  Sonia reviews all articles on our website for scientific accuracy.  

Ben Gillett BSc MSc


Musician and meditator Ben Gillett has done many week-long silent Buddhist meditation retreats and has experience of many forms of meditation and breathwork.  He also has decades of experience in music and technology including many patents and scientific papers relating to music and technology.  

"I’ve suffered from stress and anxiety and associated health problems in response to the challenging events I’ve faced in life.  I’ve done week long silent meditation retreats and tried many different approaches to daily meditation. I wanted to find a way to get as many of the mental health benefits of meditation, whilst making it as easy as possible. I made Harmonic Breathing to try to help both myself and others.  With a background in technology and music, I was guided by the latest science. I’ve listened to this music and done the breathing exercises every day for the last year before going to sleep and found it very helpful.  Sometimes I even do it whilst reading terrible detective fiction, but don’t tell anyone!" - Ben 



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Location: Edinburgh, UK

Phone: +44 131 358 9775

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Relaxing Natural Scene


Harmonic Breathing is free.   We're not doing this for the money but rather to help other people who suffer from challenges such as stress, anxiety and sleep problems.  All streaming royalties we receive from Spotify, Apple Music and others will be given to Cool Earth, a charity that works with local communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.  If you wish, you can make a donation at the link below.  

Meditating in Nature

Behind the Name: Harmonic Breathing

  • Harmonic - adjective - relating to or characterized by harmony.

  • Breathing - noun - the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs.

We chose to use the word harmonic for multiple reasons.  Firstly, harmonic relates to resonance breathing which is the term used by scientists for breathing at a slow rate optimal for relaxation.  Harmonic also relates to music, which is of course an integral part of Harmonic Breathing.  Finally, harmonic relates to harmony, and the intention of Harmonic Breathing is to bring about greater harmony and relaxation in those who listen to it.

Breathing Exercises

Therapists and Clinicians

As you are probably already aware and is evident from the research, slow paced breathing is an effective tool for a number of mental health issues including anxiety and insomnia.  The biggest challenge is compliance - people find it hard to keep up a practice of regular slow deep breathing.  Harmonic Breathing can help by making it easier - all you have to do is follow the musical guide.  It can also make the experience more enjoyable by combining it with relaxing music, as well as bringing the additional mental health benefits of music, binaural beats and nature sounds. Simply direct your clients to for all the information and resources they need.  If you find it useful and are willing to share your experiences or you have suggestions for how it can be improved, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Breathing Together

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"Harmonic Breathing helps me relax with with combined meditation music and breathing exercises. Try it, it’s free:"

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